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Our instructors specialize in extreme adventure filmmaking and wielding cameras in the most adventurous and challenging of environments.  Whether you tell your story about an extreme sport or narrow it to a specific topic such as the dangers of mountaineering, capturing and telling the story will challenge your mind and your body.  At the end of each course, every student will complete a short digital film and have the tools necessary to take their visual story telling to a new level.  Students will experience first had how world-class adventure films are made.

With the help of our instructors, you will learn the building blocks that will enable you to take your film from concept to screening.  You will learn to capture the heart and passion of people as they tell their "extreme" stories.  You will also have an opportunity to shoot "behind-the-scenes" footage of what really happens.

As the ultimate hands-on filmmaking experience, the Extreme Adventure School will provide motivative instruction to take your story from vision, to concept, to a finished movie.  The most amazing places and exciting backdrops will be your classroom.


You will choose your location and project based on available locations and instructors.  Then you will:

  • Write, shoot, direct and edit your adventure-based short film.
  • Crew for fellow students, and
  • Leave the course with a digital master of your own film.
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