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Our Thoughts
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Our Thoughts

It's Time To Step Through

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The 100-year movie industry has evolved into a movie-making machine.  That machine has become a benchmark of technical excellence for filmmakers to emulate and aspire to.  It has wielded it seemingly unrestricted power and unchallenged agenda to shape the society around us.

Those in a position to wield that power understand this:  Advertising executive, William Bernbach once said, "All of us who professionally use the mass media are the shapers of society.  We can vulgarize that society.  We can brutalize it.  Or we can help lift it onto a higher level."

In response to that mindset, we say, "Your time is now!"  We are launching a full-time film school to help you develop and release your kingdom creativity to shape and reshape the world around you.  our carefully crafted programs - in a variety of production specialties - will develop more than technical expertise; they will help you develop and release the creativity you were born to share.  Our courses are designed to make you marketable to the industry and skilled as an independent filmmaker.

We will also offer production services that include our students as members of the crew.  Students will have the opportunity to participate in real production jobs to gain real experience and industry credits.

Our purpose is to train you to make brilliantly crafted films built on a spiritual and technical foundation.  We prepare you for new career paths within the ever-changing landscape of digital filmmaking from a kingdom paradigm.  From out strong spiritual and technical foundation, we will teach you to turn your passion into purpose and your dreams into a reality - who you are will define your film.

The training and practical experience you receive will provide you with a well-rounded understanding of what it takes to make a film - it takes an army!  You will learn the practical, behavioral and creative skills necessary to work as part of that army.  We will expose our students and alumni to world-class instructors and spiritual leaders experienced in the industry and cultural reformation.  We will also provide opportunities for our students to interact with industry professionals to help facilitate their successful transition into the film industry.

Following the successful completion of our program, we will offer continuing education courses, ongoing encouragement and corporate mentorship.  For those who are interested, we offer seminars throughout the year to enhance spiritual growth and to build a community of kingdom-minded filmmakers.

- Ron and Laura Jones