Music Videos

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The word "music" says, "Express your creative thoughts with no boundaries or limits!"  Music videos are a compelling and emotional form of communication.  In this course, students will see the possibilities and romance of a creative life in filmmaking.  From the beginning to the end, students are taught the essential elements of what goes into making a music video.  Students will learn to capture the meaning and emotion of the artist/band and their music.

Students will be taught how to create the look and aesthetic style of the band, plan the video by way of storyboards, learn how to shoot and keep the film in sync with the lyrics through editing as well as adding visual special effects.

Each student writes, directs, shoots and edits a music video.  Students are assigned various filmmaking roles such as Director, Director of Photography and Director of Lighting, etc.  To help students understand each role and how to work with others, they will act as Director on their own project and fill each of the other key roles on projects directed by their fellow students.  It's hands on from day one!


Students will know:  Basic camera movement, basic lighting, how shots are put together in an edit, basic audio and how to work together professionally with a crew.  Through classes and hands-ons exercises, students gain an understanding of the requirements and rigors of filmmaking as well as experience the thrill of seeing their music video completed.  This course will help students determine of filmmaking is a part of their creative future and call.

The class is designed to communicate the basics of music video production.  While one week courses have limitations...  your dreams and aspirations do not!